Toni Morrison

“who are these people”
who would hunt me,
rope me, chain me,
beat me, enslave me, work me
rape me, kill me,
take my children,
my language, my Gods,
sell me, maim me,
hang me, destroy me, deny me,
humiliate me, remake me,
then research me,
take my essence and perform me,
crush it, curse it, mix it,
feed it to their children,
put it in their mouths,
recreate it, distort it, control it,
spit it out and sell it.

what manner of mind
cages me, frees me,
drugs me, shoots me,
jails me and traps me,
in my own skin.

who are they who know
no life beyond the grave,
who strip me, mine from me
my womb, extract from its power ,
reconstitute it as juju
for their own survival

who are these people?

they can’t possibly be human.

– Toni Morrison, Beloved (1987)

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